• Glossary of Health Insurance Terms

    Glossary of Health Insurance Terms: The vocabulary used in the health insurance industry often leaves consumers baffled and frustrated. Here is a glossary of many of the most common terms. If you are unsure or would like a better explanation, please contact us today. actuary – a mathematician in the insurance field. Responsible for calculating premiums, […]

  • Here’s an idea: Save BIG on Taxes!

    Here’s an idea: Save BIG on Taxes! Do you have an IRA or 401K that you may never use? Take a portion of your IRA or 401K and buy a Life Insurance Policy for your family. Buy over 10 years (pay current taxes on amount taken from 401K). Create a tax-free estate for your family. […]

  • Annuities Explained

    Annuities in Retirement Planning: An annuity is an insurance contract that returns payments of capital and interest on a regular basis. The insurance company makes fixed or increasing payout amounts at regular intervals for a specified time or for the annuitant’s lifetime. Annuities have no rescission rights and do not allow changes once the insurance […]