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Index Life and Annuities for Safe Investment Growth

Popular investment products with these features

  • *Your principal is guaranteed unlike Stock Market Investments
  • The Insurance Company does not invest all of your funds in Indexes
  • You can participate in as many as 6 different indexes both global and US
  • CAP earning rates can be as high as 10-14%
  • Free withdrawals of up 10%-15%
  • Index Life and Annuities have excellent upside potential with no downside risk

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 * Most contracts have surrender charges for amounts taken above allowable free withdrawals

6 Things we DO for you that OTHERS often won’t:

  1. Free 3rd Party Insurance Policy Reviews
  2. Life Insurance with Guaranteed Long Term Care benefits
  3. Market Index Life and Annuity products
  4. Review of Medical History before applying for a life insurance policy
  5. More than fifty Major Life Carriers

Our helpful tips don’t stop there:

Did you know that you may stop paying premiums in 10 or 15 years and have lifetime coverage?

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