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    Hahn Moments are created here

    Insurance and Retirement planning doesn't have to be difficult. Hahn Insurance Services will help you configure a plan that works.
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    Chuck has 30+ years of financial experience

    Chuck can explain your available options clearly. Your financial future deserves that Hahn moment. Give Chuck a call.
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    Cindy cares about you

    Having an advocate on your side to explain the ever changing insurance landscape can make your Hahn moment happen.
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    Are you ready for retirement?

    Make your sunset years more enjoyable by creating an income that lasts as long as you will, using assets you already own.
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    Because the ones you love deserve that smile

    Healthy teeth can prolong your life. That should make you smile! Hahn Insurance Services can find the right plan for your family.
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    Are you 65 and unsure about Medicare?

    Relax and let the pros at Hahn Insurance Services help you with your plan. It's what we do. Let us do the shopping!

You Deserve A Hahn Moment

Tired of surfing the Internet for the best high quality insurance or retirement plans?

“Let Us Do The Shopping”

We find the most appropriate plan or policy for you and your business.

Hahn Insurance Services have been creating ‘Hahn moments’ for more than 30 years. We provide you the highest level of customer service and go the extra mile to meet your needs and earn your trust.

“Your Future Is Our Business”

Our success is based on that moment when you know you’ve got the right plan in place –thanks to Hahn Insurance Services.

Start Your Hahn Moment Now

Our Services

We work with Top Carriers to offer you the best when it comes to the following services.
Life Insurance

While it may be difficult to imagine, it’s important to prepare in advance for a time when you may no longer be around – we can assist you through this process.

Our life insurance policies are designed to give you peace of mind for unsettling times. Let Hahn Insurance Services build a plan that works for you. Your Future Is our Business. Learn More…


We’re living longer than ever. To help ensure you have the lifestyle you want well into the future, it’s important to develop a sound retirement plan today to make the most of your savings for tomorrow.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make at this stage is how to generate a predictable income stream that lasts a lifetime. Your future is our business.  Hahn Insurance Services can help. Read More…


As your trusted insurance agents, we realize that finding reliable and affordable health insurance coverage isn’t easy. That’s precisely why we are here: to be on your side. It’s our goal to make sure you get you the best and most complete affordable coverage you need. That’s why our motto for years has been, “Let Us Do The Shopping.”

Contact Hahn Insurance Services and tell us your needs. Read More…


A quality Dental Plan for yourself and your family should not be overlooked when planning for your health insurance needs.

We will help you find affordable Dental Insurance. Getting the proper dental care is very important; don’t wait until it is too late. Get a quote for Dental Insurance now by contacting Hahn Insurance Services today and put a smile on your face. Read More…

Medicare and Senior

Medicare Advantage Today offers a quick and easy way to find general information about California Medicare Advantage plans, as well as discover and compare Medicare Advantage plans in California and specifically in your area.

Hahn Insurance Services can help you navigate the latest in Medicare by providing you a detailed snapshot of the Medicare Advantage plans that are available. Medicare Advantage benefits change every year so allow us to ensure that you are still getting the most benefit you can out of your plan. Read More…

The Bottom Line
We advise you to estimate your needs, shop around, and talk with a few qualified agents like us. Take note of the options that fit your needs. Do not over-insure and don’t forget your insurance needs should be reviewed periodically, particularly when income changes.

Contact us to discuss your Insurance and Financial plans

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